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Archive 2023

Here you will find details of MESH organised events and initiatives held in 2023.  

ESOL Lunchtime Showcase, 27th March 2023

The Lunchtime Showcase series recognises the important and exciting work being done by practitioners across our region to support people to develop their language skills in different ways. Our events will provide an insight into this work by providing a platform for people to share good practice and ideas, and to discuss key issues and challenges around specific themes.Our first Lunchtime Showcase event will take place on 27th March 2023, 12:30 to 13:30. Join us online to discuss the theme of Employment-focused ESOL

MESH Regional Networking event 28th April 2023

Our first Regional Networking event of 2023 is also our first face to face regional networking event for three years!  We are very pleased to hold this event at Hull's Welcome House, a convivial space that offers welcome and support to refugees and asylum seekers in the Hull and East Ridings region.  At the event we explore issues of progression for ESOL learners, taking account of aspirations, contextual learning and other experiences that affect learning journeys. 

Education and Training Workshop for Ukrainians and sponsor families in North Yorkshire, 19th May 2023

This event is designed for Ukrainians and Ukrainian sponsor families living in and around Scarborough.  Please join us for a workshop exploring English and other educational options for Ukrainians staying in the area, including information on accessing Higher Education.  You can register for this event here.  

ESOL Lunchtime Showcase, 5th June 2023

The second MESH/Migration Yorkshire Lunchtime Showcase is focused on the theme of Refugee Entrepreneurship.  Join us online at 12.30pm to hear from Yorkshire & Humber based refugees about their experiences of establishing businesses and other initiatives in our region. Take part in discussions exploring issues such as non-recognition of existing qualifications, finding suitable classes, and accessing support and opportunities to develop a business. Registration for this event is now OPEN. Please sign up here.

MESH at the NATECLA conference 2023

The National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults (NATECLA) holds its Annual Conference this year in Birmingham on 23 - 24 June.  MESH is leading a workshop on progression pathways at the conference, as well as presenting the MESH service in a whole conference session.  You can also visit our stall in the Exhibition Hall, to talk to us about what MESH provides and try out LEYH.

MESH Regional Networking Event 12th July 2023

MESH's second Regional Networking event of 2023 will take place at Friends Meeting House, Harrogate, on 12th July, 10:00 to 14:00.  Please register for the event hereAt this event we will explore programmes that integrate English learning into learning about specific employment sectors, as well as facilitating discussion between ESOL practitioners and employers about the challenges and benefits of this kind of programme.  We will focus on employment in the NHS, care and hospitality sectors, although the issues at stake are clearly relevant in other sectors too. 

Education & volunteering workshop for Afghans, Doncaster 19th Sept 2023

This event at The Point in Doncaster is for Afghans living in Doncaster and the surrounding area.  Please join us for a workshop exploring education and volunteering opportunities. Improve your skills including English and get used to the work culture in the UK.  More details HERE.

ESOL Lunchtime Showcase at the Yorkshire Integration Festival, 26 Sept 2023

MESH's third Lunchtime Showcase event of 2023 will take place as part of the Yorkshire Integration Festival, on 26th September 2023, 12:00 to 13:30.  The theme of this session will be Addressing trauma in the ESOL classroom.  Registration for this event is now open.  Please sign up HERE

Regional Networking Event (online) - 8th November 2023

MESH's third networking event of the year is an online event. This event is focused on an exciting new collection of learning resources for use in the ESOL classroom. Join us to explore and discuss the new resources, which have been created by the MESH team including embedded video resources focusing on foodbanks, on college enrolment, and on language learning in a gardening setting.

ESOL Lunchtime Showcase - 4th Dec 2023

Join us online to discuss the theme ‘Addressing trauma in the classroom: Beyond Language’. This session provides continuation from the theme of our September showcase. In response to feedback on that session, we are focusing here on techniques for addressing trauma in the lower-level ESOL classroom.